My first steps in The Rift

0High Elf

I started as a High Elf and a rogue only about a week ago (omg time flies!) and played up to level 8 but never felt comfy in my elf skin and with my rogue character so I changed to human and my favourite character mage. Im at level 13 with her now and enjoys every minute.

I choosed rogue by the worst reasons ever, because i thought the mages “pet” the stone man was so fugly so even the rogues boar was cuddlier :O)


Well I got used to my tough silent stone man and even thought he was good company, especially when he took all the hits from monsters sneaking up behind me D:

Ya I did all stupid mistakes  u can do in a game. As a rogue elf i died all the time. And first time i died i met an angel and waited to be reborn again. Waited, waited, made some coffee, waited some more… until my friend asked me where i was. DEAD I said, for 15 minutes! O.o This game craves patience indeed. My friend laughed his pants off and told me to click the angel to “wake up” *doh* >.<

Then i continued to die until my friend asked me if I didnt get my soul mended after dying? Of course i didnt! Doh again :}

I truly enjoy the exciting Rifts that occurs now and then. Sky opens up and monsters falls down and tries to kill us all. Everyone around comes running to help kill the mob, helping each other. Me and my elf got so excited in our first rift so I klicked the wrong button and suddenly she sat down in the grass and started drinking water! >.>

I felt my cheeks burning of shame but i couldnt interrupt the animation. The avatar was determined to drink water and it felt as she sat there forever in the middle of the battle – looking like she was on a picnic. My friend was baffled and asked “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Drinking water in the middle of a rift??? O.o

Hu uh… so I felt as my poor elf might have become a celebrity maybee best to start over with a human :}

So If u see someone sitting and drinking water in the middle of a rift It might be me, not able to handle the excitement.

Stay alive friends! :):)


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